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Changing Positions by Versioning

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Overview: Changing positions in Xactly for a person is a fairly straightforward process, however there are few things to consider. As a rule, a person can occupy only 1 position at a given point in time. What this means is that if a person holds position A from Jan 2015 – Mar 2015 he cannot then also hold another position for the same time frame, he can only hold another position either before Jan 2015 or after Mar 2015, but not 2 simultaneously. This rule can sometimes create difficulties in moving people between positions as you may notice the default version time range for any position is start of time – end of time, so you would need to first break up the old position into “time slots” and also break up the new position into “time slots” by versioning both the old and new positions. When versions are created, you can then populate the person into correct time slots. Failing to version positions, will most likely result in the below message and a good amount of frustration:


Versioning: Also called “effective dating” and is used in other parts of the applications and simply allows you to break up either position (or person, etc) records into “time slots” or versions. To expand the earlier example, person A was holding an Account Executive position as of Jan 2015, and is now taking on a Sales Engineer role as of Mar 2015 so in order to correctly change his position, first create a new position record by navigating to Organization -> Positions -> Click Create Position -> Enter position name, title, Business group but DO NOT populate the person (as you recall the default position version is start of time – end of time so populating the person record will conflict with the old start of time – end of time position). Then click Save -> Save and Add New Version -> Select Effective Start Date of the NEW position (March 1st, 2015) -> Click Save (Still do not populate person name).

Add version

Now that you have your new position set up and versioned, you can go back to the old position to version or effectively end that position assignment with the start date of the new position. In order to do that, navigate to Organization -> Positions -> Search for old position -> Open old position -> Click add version -> Select Effective Date of March 1st, 2015 (date when new position starts) -> Click Save. Notice that when you created a new version for the old position, it did not populate the person name and left that field blank. This is OK since this person does not hold this position any longer. So what you should be left with is an Old position with 2 versions, 1st version Start of time – Feb 28th (person name populated), and 2nd version March 1st – End of time (no person populated).

Person Name

You should also already have your new position set up and versioned, however it is still missing person assignment for March 1st – end of time version and you will need to go back and populate the person. To do so navigate back to the new position, it will default to the new version, and add the person record.

To summarize, in order to move any person from one position to another you need to first create the new position and then break up both the new and old positions into “time slots” as by default both are set to start of time – end of time. Once positions are broken up into time slots those slots can be then populated with the person name. Another option is to first version the old position and then create the new position, new version and add person record, however the above method better highlights the value and reasons for versioning.

TIP: Keep in mind that position records can only be deleted if all associated Quotas, Rate Tables, Named Relationships and/or Draws are also deleted. Also, Incentive Data such as credit, commission and bonus results are carried with the position records. So simply deleting and creating a new position is often not an option, unless there are no results associated with the position.


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