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Using Multiple Browsers

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Overview: Using multiple browser windows while working in Incent is a great way to maximize efficiency, however make sure not to run multiple sessions within one browser. For example, if you have Incent open in Chrome, do not open another tab in Chrome and to start a new session of Incent. Doing so may cause data integrity issues as your browser could treat these multiple sessions as one session and overlap some of the information. If you would like to run multiple sessions, they need to be in different browsers. You can have up to three different sessions, one for each supported browser (listed below).

Certified Browsers: It is important to know which browsers are certified by Xactly to make sure the system is running correctly in your browser. Currently Xactly is certified for Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Chrome Browsers, and you can find out exact browser versions by accessing the help menu -> browser support or clicking the below URL:

Because Incent is a browser based application, it is designed to operate within specific browser versions, and you may experience issues such as unresponsive buttons and/or obscured windows within Incent, so it is important to install the correct version.



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